Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions that people have about “America’s Funniest Home Videos” are covered here. Please read through this FAQ page carefully. If your specific questions or concerns are not addressed below, feel free to contact us further.

Questions about the Show

When can I watch AFV?
New episodes air Sundays, 7/6 on ABC.

How long has the show been on the air?
Since 1989. We’re the longest-running primetime entertainment show in ABC history.

Who is the host of the show?
Alfonso Ribeiro

What’s this “Assignment America” thing? What am I supposed to do?
“Assignment America” is a request for certain themes of clips that our writers and producers are interested in seeing. There is no separate contest for such clips; they’re considered for all AFV contests alongside any and all other submissions. If you have an entry for the “Funny Signs” Assignment America in particular, we do need video footage of it rather than just a photograph. Check out the latest challenge on our Assignment America Page.

How can I come see a taping of the show?
Schedules and information about attending tapings can be found here:

TV Tickets

If no tapings are listed, it means that no episodes are scheduled in the near future. We do not tape shows between April and July.

I’m really busy Sunday nights. Is there any other place I can watch the show?
We have a full list on our Where to Watch Page.

How can I let the world know I’m an AFV fan?
Shouting it from the rooftops is one option, but you can also show your AFV love by Signing Up or following us through Social Media.

Where can I find a specific clip from the show?
We aren’t able to send out specific clips; however we release new clips from the show every day here on the site.
Questions About Submitting Your Video

How do I submit a clip to America’s Funniest Home Videos?
You can upload your video here at, through our Android or iPhone apps, or on Facebook through our facebook uploader.  You can also still snail mail it to:

America’s Funniest Home Videos
PO Box 4333
Hollywood, CA 90078

AFV is broadcast in High Definition (HD) so, if submitting videos via, please submit your highest quality video file up to 600 MB. If you are mailing your submission, all home video formats are acceptable (digital video, DVD, Hi-8, VHS). We also accept discs, flash drives, and memory cards, etc. Please include a $3.00 handling fee, in the form of a check or U.S. money order payable to “Cara Communications,” if you wish for your submission to be returned.  You may send an original tape if you choose, but it is highly recommended that you have a copy made and mail us the copy.  AFV is not responsible for lost, damaged or misdirected videos.

Are you concerned about the content of the video (copyrighted background music/movies/TV shows, profanity, inappropriate content, etc.), and whether it’s acceptable to submit?
You can submit anything you’d like. We prefer that you submit unedited raw footage whenever possible. If shooting an Assignment America, please turn off TV and Radio noise in the background. Anything inappropriate for air will be edited out by us before being broadcast if we decided to feature your clip on the show.

When is my clip going to be on the show/website?
If your video gets selected by our writers and producers to air in an episode of the show, we’ll call you ahead of time (usually at least a week before the show is on) and let you know when you can see it. Unfortunately there’s no way to know for sure whether your clip (or any clip, for that matter) will or won’t make it onto the show in the future so there’s really no timeline we can give you. If we use anything you sent us we’ll definitely let you know before it airs.

I am having trouble uploading/submitting a clip.

We aren’t able to accept submissions by pulling them off of sites like YouTube or Facebook or as attachments in an email; clips need to be submitted via

If the “Choose File” button isn’t working for you, clear your browser’s cache and restart; or else try a different browser. That usually takes care of the problem.

If your computer is having trouble uploading a clip at there’s unfortunately not much help we can offer you; we don’t really have anything set up in the way of tech support.

You can always put the clip on a disc, flash drive, memory card, etc. (we can take just about any format) and send it into us as well, at

America’s Funniest Home Videos
PO Box 4333
Hollywood, CA 90078

If you’ve got something good, we definitely want to see it. We highly recommend that you mail a copy of the clip rather than an original, but if you want to send something to us and get it back afterwards you can include a $3.00 check or money order made payable to “Cara Communications.”

What happens when you receive my clip?
Once the AFV tape library receives your clip either by website submission or mail, it is assigned a unique identification number. The submitter’s information is entered into our database and the clip is passed to the screening department for evaluation. If you submitted your clip by mail, we will mail you the Release Forms. If you submitted your clip on the website, you will automatically be sent release forms via DocuSign. If you sent your clip in by mail, and sent in a $3.00 check or U.S. money order for return. You can expect your tape to be returned within a few months. If you did not ask for your tape to be returned, it will eventually be destroyed.

What’s the deal with these DocuSign release forms?
Here’s how the DocuSign process works: the submitter of the clip is emailed the release forms. The submitter completes the HOME EXCLUSIVE RELEASE (so labeled at the top left of each page), listing the submitter’s contact information, the full name and email address of everyone appearing in and/or heard in the video (and the full name and email address of a parent/guardian of any minor appearing in and/or heard in the video), the full name and email address of the person who recorded the video (if that person is not the person who submitted it) and the full name and email address of the owner of the video (in the rare instance that the owner of the video is not the one who submitted it).

Long story short: submitter gets release forms via email; submitter supplies contact info for him/herself and everyone else in the video. If there are people in the video you don’t know or can’t contact, leave them out at this point and don’t worry about them. Just do the best you can.

The instant the HOME EXCLUSIVE RELEASE is completed online by the submitter it will be uploaded to the DocuSign website and cannot be altered thereafter, so be sure to type all of your email addresses correctly. The only way to correct a mistake once the forms are completed is to write to us and have us fix it or, in some cases, to fill the form out all over again (which isn’t really the worst thing in the world; it only takes a couple of minutes).

As soon as the HOME EXCLUSIVE RELEASE is completed, a PERSONAL RELEASE is emailed to the email address of anyone who was listed on the HOME EXCLUSIVE RELEASE as appearing and/or heard in the video, as well as the email addresses of anybody who was listed as the parent/guardian of a minor in the video. If you submitted a clip and filled out the HOME EXCLUSIVE RELEASE and then received a PERSONAL RELEASE in the mail, we need that one too I’m afraid (some people write in to ask why they’re receiving additional releases after completing their forms; that’s generally the answer. The first one was the HOME EXCLUSIVE RELEASE, the second is the PERSONAL RELEASE).

The other people appearing and/or heard in the video fill out their own release forms. If the shooter and/or owner of the video is not the same person who submitted the video, that will be noted by the submitter on the HOME EXCLUSIVE RELEASE and the shooter and/or owner will be emailed release forms of their own to fill out.

Once the forms are completed online there’s no need to send us anything in the mail (some people ask).

Note: the submitter of the video only fills out his/her HOME EXCLUSIVE RELEASE, and his/her own PERSONAL RELEASE if necessary. Everybody else associated with the video will be emailed their own releases to fill out.

I’m having trouble filling out the DocuSign release forms online.
It happens. The process is very straight-forward and simple… unless it turns confusing, and then it can be very difficult to know where you’re going wrong.

Shortly after your forms are completed and automatically uploaded to us, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Please note: if you haven’t received a confirmation email, the forms haven’t been completed and uploaded to us.

If you’ve completed every part of the form that you need to, it’ll give you the option to confirm and submit the forms. Until it gives you this option, it’ll keep prompting you by saying “Next” and moving to the next field to fill out. Unfortunately the form isn’t smart enough to point you to the exact spot you might be neglecting, so you’ll just have to look over every page carefully. If you’re convinced you’ve completed absolutely everything and the form STILL isn’t letting you confirm and submit, then you haven’t completed absolutely everything.

Some pages don’t have anything to fill out, just a button to click to affirm that you’ve read the page. Double-check (and, if need be, triple-check) to make sure you’ve clicked on the buttons. Then, double-check that you’ve filled out everything else.

Also, check to make sure any email addresses you filled out are in email format; it won’t accept anything in an “email” field that doesn’t look like an email address. So if you don’t know someone’s email address just write “,” so the program will accept it. If you write something like “don’t know” or “n/a” in a field that wants an email address, it won’t work.

Finally, if you’re trying to fill out the forms on a smartphone and it’s not working, some people have had better luck on a computer.

If all else fails, you can always find copies of the release forms here:

Right-click (on most browsers and operating systems) and choose “Save As File” to download:

AFVClip Description Form
AFV Exclusive Release
AFV Personal Release

If you’re unable to fill out the forms online you can print them, fill them out, and send them to us in the mail (the address is on the forms). You can also scan them and email them to, or fax them to (310) 442-5604. Just be sure to write your clip ID# on the forms.

I included an incorrect email address for myself, or somebody appearing in my video, so the necessary forms might not have gone out to somebody who needed them.
You can’t alter the DocuSign release form once it’s been completed, but if you gave us the wrong email address for somebody in the video you can write back with your clip ID#, the name of the person, and the correct email address. Then we can go in and fix it.

As a submitter you can’t alter the DocuSign release form once it’s been completed. We here at “AFV” can fix an incorrect email address, though; if you gave us the wrong email address for somebody in your video you can send your clip ID#, the name of the person, and the person’s correct email address to us at the email address below.

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns that weren’t covered above, please feel free to write us back at and we’ll address them personally. Please note that our office is generally open during normal West Coast business hours, and is generally closed on weekends and holidays.

Thank you for your interest in “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” and good luck!

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