Adorable Baby Laughs Hysterically While Playing Hide And Seek In Dresser Drawer

May 10, 2018

That’s not a bad hiding spot for a baby!

Let’s give credit where credit is due, the parents probably “hid” their baby in the drawer. I’ll just say this, if that baby figured out on her own that hide and seek is heightened by concealing yourself in a drawer, than she should already be in a school for gifted students. She’s arguably smarter than I was at ten years of age.

This is just about the cutest game of hide and seek I’ve ever seen. It’s a simple game. There’s a baby in a drawer. And every time the parents gently slide the drawer out to reveal aforementioned baby, she makes a little noise and giggles. True to form, because she’s a baby, the game never gets old. We see her disappear into the abyss of the dresser and reappear many times in the video, yet she’s laughing just as hard at the end as the beginning!

Come to think of it, I bet a drawer is a really cozy place to take a nap for a baby. First of all, line it with socks and cotton shirts and everything required to make it as soft and comfortable as possible. Think about it, a pile of socks to a baby is basically the best pillow ever. And if it’s during the day, the drawer naturally blacks out all the light around. You don’t even have to turn the lights off, just push yourself, drawer and all, back into the dresser. When your nap is over, push yourself right back out. It’s like your own private apartment inside your parents dresser.

Do you have an adorable video of your baby playing? Or a video of a game of hide and seek that’s too funny to ignore? If so, send them to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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