Adorable Baby Shares Crackers With Her Puppy

May 16, 2018

Dogs and babies make for the cutest combination in the world! It’s so amazing how strong relationships they can form from the youngest age!

Brace yourself because your heart is about to be melted! The star of this video is a cute baby girl sitting in her high chair and snacking on some crackers all by herself. And that’s not even by far the cutest part of the video. A pet dog is playing around her highchair, so she decides to offer him some chips as well. The dog accepts the chip she’s given him and stays there hoping to get some more.

His wish is the little girl’s command! She takes the cracker she’s just put in her own mouth and gives it to the dog! OMG! How generous is this baby girl! Unbelievable! This baby really knows that sharing is caring! Amazing!

Learning the importance of sharing in young age is beneficial for kids. Sharing is a vital life skill. It’s something toddlers and children need to learn so they can make and keep friends, and play with each other without petty fights. This is where dogs come!

If your kids have a dog, they will learn many things! They’ll know that taking care of another living being takes a lot of time and love, but that the friendship and devotion are what you’ll get in return. They will learn the art of patience because handling dogs is not as easy as it seems. In the end, they will learn how to share their personal space, free time with mom and dad, and yes, food with their canine friend. And the dog will respond the only way it knows – with unconditional love!

I bet these two will be besties forever!

Do you have a toddler and doggo adventures caught on tape? We’d love to see them! Upload your funny videos HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the hilarious video below.

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