Five Adorable Cats Who Break The Rules

November 2, 2017

We all know cats can be some of the sneakiest creatures around. But what happens when they’re not just sly, they’re naughty! Check out this list of cats who don’t care if they break the rules of the house.
These adorable cats are the cutest creatures ever. Watch them as they break the rules of the house.

1. The cat who has no time for playtime.


These kids are having a grand ‘ol time with their new toy train when their cat, Rory, decides playtime is over. He sits right in the middle of the tracks and every time the train comes around, he stops it with his paws or his tail! And right when Rory decides he’s done with the game entirely, the train gets stuck to his tail! Better luck next time, Rory!
2. The cat who won’t let the dog in.

Ever seen a cat who rules the roost over the dog in the house? Well, step right up, ladies and gentlemen! This cat has so much power over the family dog, the poor guy can’t even get through his OWN doggie door for a treat! I mean, he’s only 27 times her size, so let’s give him a break…
3. The cat who doesn’t care about your pinwheel.

This nice lady is celebrating spring with a darling pinwheel by the window. She’s placed it strategically by the window for ample wind to hit it and is eager to show the cat her new decoration. She spins the wheel and tells the cat to do the same.  And this cat…well, he AIN’T GOT TIME FOR THAT!
4. The cat who won’t take a bath.

Dang, Gina! This cat’s got hops! Did you see the way she sprung outta that bathtub? The owner’s got a sports champ on her hands. Good thing she caught him! I am wishing her sincere luck with this baby gets older and bigger. Guess these adorable cats are really not into baths. LOL
5. The cat who pesters the bird.

This cat really likes to pester the family bird. He has no problems waving his paws around to antagonize her all day. The best part is, the owner doesn’t even have to tell him to stop. BECAUSE THE BIRD DOES.  Yep, that’s right! The bird tells the cat “NO.” As in, “NO, it’s not okay to swat me around like that, buddy! And besides, how can we be buddies if you treat me like that?!” These adorable cats can really find a friend in everyone. How magical!

Do you have a naughty cat on your hands?! Upload that video HERE.

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