Adorable Little Boy Takes Keep Your Eye On The Ball To Heart

April 27, 2018

Remember when you were a kid and your dad tried to teach you sports? T-ball was probably high on the list of priorities! Well, this video will both take you back to those days, and also remind you how sweet kids can be.

Most kids just adore T-ball even though they are not all quite good at it. This is the case with this adorable little boy. His dad is teaching him how to hit the ball. You probably know how hard those first strikes can be. You give your best, swing, and still, hit nothing but air. But anyway, it’s so much fun! The little boy hits the ball for the first time, and he doesn’t do it very well. That was expected. To help him, his dad tells him to keep his eye on a ball. And the kid did exactly that! He actually approaches the ball and puts one of his eyes right on the ball, quite literally! That was unexpected! Oh, you silly boy!

The dad reaction was hilarious as well. He just silently hugged his kid and gave him a kiss. Bless him! Hilarious!

If you are a T-ball or baseball enthusiast, you’ll absolutely love this hilarious video! As the video begins, you can see a T-ball instructor is teaching a toddler boy how to hit the ball. So much fun! T-ball is such an amazing sport! It is actually an introduction to baseball for small kids intended to help them develop some ball-game skills while having lots of in fun in the learning process.

However, this dad has to work on his coaching skills. I mean, imagine if he asked a kid to throw him a cement mixer! For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a slow fastball with side spin. This kid would probably go to a construction site, found a real-life cement mixer and threw it to his dad. LOL!

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