Adorable Little Girl Eats Spicy Jalapeno Pepper And Blows Her Top

June 14, 2018

First off, mom thought it would be a great idea to load up a spicy as heck jalapeno onto a chip – and give it to her toddler. Not necessarily the best thing to offer a small child, but okay, there’s not much anyone can do about it now. “Mmm, I love it,” says the kid who puts it in her mouth for a second, then removes it completely intact. Then the kid puts it in her mouth and bites down. Mom watches. The girl slowly crunches it. “Chew it up!” says Mom who is holding the kid on her lap. “MMM!” says the kid mustering up all the delight in the world. She is clearly a people pleaser. “Do you like it?” asks Mom, even as the little one starts ever so slightly to react to the hottest thing she’s ever had in her young mouth. The kid chews some more, looking quite reflexive as she does – she should win an award for genuinely trying to get the full taste of the hot jalapeno. But then the story turns and you can see the distaste very slowly starting to spread over the little girl’s face. And bam! The true horror of what she has just done dawns on her as the fiery sensation hits her young taste buds and her face begins to screw up in utter and total disgust. A second later she gasps then throws the entire thing up and spits it out.

Mom laughs – she was expecting this and she now has what she wants. “Here’s your drink, babe” says Mom, handing over her drink. The kid grabs it and sucks down whatever’s in there through the straw like it’s the last liquid to be found in the known universe. Dad then chimes in: “Mommy, that was not nice to let her do that.” Well at least SOMEONE at the table has some sense – it’s just a shame he waited until after the kid burned her mouth on it to speak up. Mom looks up, saying “she said she loved it” as if that makes everything okay (it doesn’t). The kid manages a strangulated “Too spicy!” at the end making mom laugh.

So what do you know about jalapenos? They are, nutritionally at least, one of the best sources of vitamin C out there – so maybe Mom’s do know best after all. They were reportedly used by the ancient Aztecs – but they dried and smoked them instead of eating them. Most jalapenos are produced in China, Peru, Spain, and India and they have the distinct achievement of being the first peppers that were sent into space when they travelled up there on a NASA space shuttle. Jalapenos are also good at battling migraine headaches, lowering blood pressure (hard to believe but true!), and helping you lose weight. What can’t a jalapeno do? Well, they can’t make this little girl happy!

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