Adorable Pups Caught Red Handed Doing Naughty Deeds

December 4, 2018

If you’re a dog owner then you know that guilty look they give you when they’ve been bad.  You want to laugh and scream at the same time!  No matter how bad they are, there’s just no resisting their sweet guilty faces.  Check out these adorable pups caught red handed doing naughty deeds!

This sassy pup pleads no contest to eating her mommy’s bright pink lipstick!

This is absolutely hysterical!  This cute little pooch managed to get her paws on her mom’s bright pink lipstick and goes to town eating it.  Just like a toddler getting caught playing with her mommy’s makeup, this pup has made a complete mess.  Check out this furball who can’t deny her naughty deed!


Chipper dog shows no remorse for destroying pillows as she wags her tail and basks in the feathered aftermath.

Talk about caught red handed!  This cute furball has literally destroyed a couch full of pillows and there are feathers everywhere!  When her owner confronts her pup about her naughty deed, she proudly trots around, wagging her tail like nothing ever happened.  I’d say this pup is 100% guilty!

Giant pup on a mission will stop at nothing to steal his owner’s lunch off the counter!

Is it a dog or a human??  LOL!  This dog looks like he has human arms as he swipes the food off the counter.  The look in his eye says he’s not giving up no matter what!  Watch him take down every last piece of his owner’s lunch that he thought was safely pushed out of the pup’s reach. 

Sneaky furball ends up with his head stuck in a bag of popcorn after a failed dumpster diving mission.

There’s no denying that this pup was a naughty boy!  His owner comes home to find his sweet little pooch with a bag of popcorn stuck on his head!  There’s only one place that could have come from…

Cute pooch gets stuck in the couch he just chewed up and is busted when his owner comes home!

How can you resist this adorable pup’s guilty face?  He’s literally stuck inside the couch he just destroyed while his owner was away.  Imagine coming home to this mess!  I don’t know if I would laugh or cry?!

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