Adorable Seniors Totally Freaking Out Over Virtual Reality

December 31, 2018

Remember what is was like when you got your first smartphone?  It was mindblowing!  No keyboard, full internet access, and of course, Siri.  Well that’s what it’s like for these sweet seniors who experience virtual reality video games for the first time.  You will LOL as you watch these adorable seniors totally freaking out over virtual reality!

Cute grandma is in utter amazement when she kicks it with Captain America in her first VR experience!

This is one cool grandma!  Not only is she willing to give VR a try, but she knows who Captain America and The Hulk are.  Not too shabby for a grandparent!  You will wish this sassy senior was your grandma when you see her reaction to her VR experience.


VR goggle-wearing woman gets so wrapped up in a skiing game that she loses her balance and wipes out hard on the living room floor.  Ouch!

The best part about watching people wearing VR goggles (other than their freakouts) is watching them swing their arms aimlessly around in the air.  Don’t let your kid around with a camera while you’re playing your VR game unless you’re prepared for some serious blackmail video!  This funny woman gets so into her game that she loses all control of her limbs and goes crashing down hard on the floor.  It’s hard not to laugh at this cringeworthy fail!

Dorky dude completely loses it on the couch wearing VR goggles for the first time.  Check out this epic freakout!

It makes me anxious just watching this dude in his VR goggles.  He shrieks, he shrills, and he will make you jump right out of your chair with his hilarious freakouts.  Take a deep breath…and enjoy!

Hilarious grandma practically falls right out of her chair as she flails and screams hysterically during her first VR experience.  LOL!

Even with her granddaughter holding her hand for support, this sweet grandma can’t contain her terror as she’s sucked into the virtual world of her video game.  This one is hilarious!

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