Bulldog Has Adorable Solution To His Irrational Fears

March 16, 2016

We all have some irrational fears that many may find funny, but hey – having someone say that those things are not scary is usually not helpful. So what we have to do is find the perfect solution! It doesn’t matter how funny the solution may sound if it helps us conquer our fears then that it is the best solution ever!
This little adorable bulldog has some irrational fears as well! But, he has found a way around them.

Say hello to Bentley, the adorable bulldog with a peculiar phobia. Well, two actually. This bulldog has an irrational fear of ladder and crossing cables. Whenever he gets close to a ladder or some cables lying around on the ground, Bentley slows right down and comes to a complete stop. Poor old Bentley would probably be perpetually stuck in that spot, unable to walk by the ladder or walk over a few cables if it wasn’t for his clever solution to his fear! This cute bulldog has an adorable solution to his irrational fears which is to walk backwards past the ladder and over the cables! So with his eyes trained on the ladder and cables just in case, they decide to pounce, he slowly backs himself out of the situation until he’s back in a safe zone. Bentley must be channeling his inner James Bond when he carefully backs out of these delicate, high-stress situations. Just call him Bentley, James Bentley.

While Bentley might have some strange irrational fears, at least he’s learned to handle his fears and still be as cool as a cucumber! There are plenty of people who totally lose their cool when pressured and put on the spot!
Think positive!

There are many tips and tricks on how to overcome our fears, but in the end, it all comes down to us. Just stay positive, manage stress and find the best way for you to overcome what you fear. Just like this little one did.

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