Adorable Twins Entertained By Acrobatic Pomeranian

January 11, 2018

These kids are double the adorable. Add in a tricksy Pomeranian and I might just die from cuteness. No, seriously. I think my heart skipped a beat watching this video. They’re just that cute.
These twins cannot get enough of this Pomeranian doing tricks.

The two kids in the swimming pool seem ready for a show. The pool is their three ring circus and the Pomeranian is the little lion doing tricks for adoring fans. Or adorable fans. Either way, it works. The Pomeranian’s “trainer” stands just off camera, offering treats to keep the act going. I’ll admit, I’m like the Pomeranian. If you offer me treats, I’ll hop until you die of laughter. But I don’t think I’d be quite as cute.

Pomeranian were originally bred in Germany and Poland and were classed as toy dog breeds because of their small size. They do look rather toy-like, so it’s no surprise that these kids are so easily entertained by them. And these twins are so small, this Pomeranian looks big enough for them to ride.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard babies laugh as loud or as hard as these two.

And this dog is having no trouble giving these kids a show. The little pup hops in and out of the ring no matter how many times the “ringmaster” teases it with treats. I don’t know about you, but if I had to wait that long to get a treat, I might get a little testy.

But this little dog doesn’t seem fazed. To be fair, it’s got two adorable twins cheering it on. If everybody had an adorable cheerleading squad like that, the world would be a much sunnier place, don’t you think?

Either way, I hope that Pomeranian eventually got its treat. It deserves one after that amazing show.

Have you seen an amazing animal circus act? Upload HERE.


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