AFV & DJ Steve Porter Present: Turn That Camera Off!

November 11, 2013

The internet turned a snoozefest into an all-out dancefest when the Gregory Brothers auto-tuned the news. Soon, talented, creative minds across the web were creating their own remixed renditions of famous speeches, classic songs, and news reports. While at first it appeared to be a form of mockery, the auto-tune sensation, in fact, became the latest form of lovable recognition. Soon, leaders of this remix revolution rose to the top of YouTube’s creator boards. If the Gregory Brothers reign supreme with the news, then the king of the infomercial castle is DJ Steve Porter, with his hilarious Slap Chop parody, Slap Chop Rap.

In this super catchy musical re-do, Porter takes the infamous Slap Chop infomercial and makes it even cooler by hitting some kind of cosmic creativity button that most of us don’t naturally possess.  The end result is baked in pure awesome and –bonus- it will make you want to chop up some vegetables.  Now, wouldn’t that make your mom happy?

It just so happens that AFV knows a thing or two about happy moms and happy families.  Nothing excites them more than sticking a camera directly in their faces.  In fact, we’re pretty sure (after nearly 24 seasons) that hitting the record button is the key to bliss!  (Heck, it may even help you win some cash!)

With that in mind, we’ve enlisted the uber-talented, DJ Steve Porter to deliver this specific recipe.  It’s all below in the original, SNEAK PEEK, AFV/ Porterhouse remix titled, Turn That Camera Off!


Have a funny moment where you refused to turn that camera off?  Upload it HERE.

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DJ Steve Porter & Porterhouse Media

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