AFV Halloween Dog Parade: Spooked Dogs Compilation

October 31, 2017

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Dog owners often look to their furry friends as protectors.  Even small dogs can use their bark to alert owners of trouble brewing.  But what happens when your dog gets so spooked by what they see or hear, they forget about everything else?  First, you make sure they’re okay.  Then, you get out your phone and film their hilarious reaction!  Get ready to laugh at our Halloween Dog Parade!
In the spirit of Halloween, we’re TREATING you with some of our Halloween Dog Parade of puppies getting TRICKED!

Dogs get easily spooked celebrating Halloween!  Whether it’s by a figurine of themselves, by a skeleton sitting on the couch, or by a Tickle Me Elmo toy, these dogs sure show us their phobias! When one owner pokes a deer head out of the doorway, it looks so real, I even jumped!  (and if I could, I probably would have barked too LOL!).

Most of the “freaky objects” aren’t even as large as the dogs.

Have you ever seen a German Shepherd afraid of a crab?  Or a Golden Retriever running from a duck?  How about a Lab that can’t stop barking at a rock?  What’s that rock gonna do to you, buddy?  It’s not even living!
Then there is THE HAND.

The hand coming up from the floor is one where I gotta side with Rover. Whoa, Nellie!  If I ever saw a hand coming up from my kitchen floor, I’d be outta there!  However, that brave little guy was determined to find out where it was coming from and wouldn’t let up.

You can tell the owners are getting a kick out celebrating Halloween with their pooches and these dogs are sure to stock up on treats after their spooky days!

Are you a dog owner? If you are, make a funny video of you and your furry best friend and share it with us HERE, so we can enjoy laughs, too!


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