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June 29, 2018

It’s Friday again, and means three incredible things: it’s almost the weekend, you’re one day closer to your birthday, and it’s time to sum up the top 5 videos of the week. Here at AFV, we are always excited to see your videos, but sometimes we find some clips so exciting, so fantastic, that it is simply our duty to continue to share them with the world. So read on if you want to see some silly kids, pretty kitties, or ha-ha-inducing horses, because you’ve come to the right place!

5) Kids Say Ridiculous Things

We’ve all seen a kid say something absurd, and these parents were smart enough to get it on camera. One of the highlights is a kid cleaning up his house to impress the ladies. Which is impressive because I’ve seen people four times his age unable to maintain their bachelor pads. His maturity is truly beyond his, something that seems especially appropriate, seeing as one of the videos coming up features a girl who claims that she is much older than she appears to be. Despite having the outward appearance of a toddler she insists that she’s forty years old. Cosmetics truly are miraculous today. Everything and anything is possible in Hollywood. Rounding out these remarkable professionals is a young artist whose devotion to her craft is astounding. As her mom approaches her with a spoon of food, she insist that she cannot eat it because she is working on her art. It is truly as Jackson Pollock said “when I’m painting I’m not aware of what I’m doing.”


4) Save the Children from Eating Veggies

Veering from the humorous tone of the last video this sobering compilation depicts kids forced to eat veggies. Across this country kids are being told they must eat vegetables simply for the reasoning that they produce health benefits. Some of the parents mandating these vegetable decrees even decided to film their child weeping at the thought of vegetables. One girl sobs at the idea of eating a vegetable every single day. Another is counted down into taking a bite before taking the tiniest nibble ever and shivering. There’s countless footage of kids trying to bargain the amount they have to eat. Be sure to check this video out and educate yourselves on the epidemic.

3) Have you ever seen a cat have so much fun in the snow?

Now, for an especially pawesome video. I have seen cats, and I have seen snow, but never have I seen them together in such a fantastic, adorable way. With cats loving warm weather as they do, basking in the sun is one of their favorite pastimes afterall, it might be surprising to some that these fine specimens loved playing in the cold. But clearly, they do! Just as long as they can come inside for some warm snuggles in a soft blanket afterwards. It simply does not get better than that. They are much like humans in that way. And don’t forget to give your furry friend a delicious can of wet food to celebrate the day, and some steaming hot cocoa for you. But not the other way around. That doesn’t end well. Not only because cats become very sick if they consume chocolate, but also because people look at you weird when you start bringing Fancy Feast into the work refrigerator. Just take my word for that. I heard it from… a friend. A very desperate and confused friend.

2) Horses are Hilarious

Here’s a video of horses. Horses are large mammals that walk around on land with their feet. Sometimes they do so in a hilarious manner. What a wild ride! Get it? Because people ride horses. It is funny and clever! Woohoo! Wouldn’t it be weird if horses rode people? We would need such strong backs for that. We would have to work out for years on end, never skipping a day, and every day is back day. All exercises would be focussed solely on the back, to make sure you could withstand the weight of a fully grown horse. Adult horses usually weigh in somewhere around 1,000 pounds, just like my Uncle Greg at the Thanksgiving table. We keep asking him to get help, but he never does. We are worried. But never mind that, back to horses! They are majestic, beautiful creatures. That is for sure. That said, even the most beautiful and well put-together beings will occasionally falter in doing things well. After all, they’re only human.

1) Try Not to Laugh FB

An absolute classic online, Baby Got Laughs has done it again. If you’re the type of person to break down laughing at kids wiping out this isn’t the challenge for you. This compilation is a series of kids turning the mundane into deathtraps. There’s slides causing spills, bouncy balls bowling kids over, and of course unnecessary falls. Mixed in are just some of the everyday moments where kids make us laugh. If you’re feeling confident or just want the laughs be sure to check this puppy out. And be sure to tune in next week to see more hilarious vids.

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