It’s Friday! AFV’s Five Fabulously Funny Videos Are Here!

June 29, 2016

Back At It Again With The Friday Five Funny Videos!

Happy July 1st! Can you believe it is already July? We can’t either! To kick-start the month, AFV is ready to share the Five Fabulously Funny Videos! It is always exciting to see which videos our AFV fans loved and adored, just as much as we did. Each week, we look forward to bringing you five of the most fabulously funny videos of the week! These videos have spread many laughs across the internet and we are very excited to share them with you. Get ready, because this week’s fab five videos are hilarious and better than ever before! What better way to kick-start your holiday weekend with some awesome videos? We can’t think of anything that sounds better than that!
1. What is the date of the American Independence Day?

In the first place, and in celebration of The Fourth of July weekend, we have a girl who can’t quite remember the date of the American independence day. This little girl wanted to make sure that she was ready to celebrate and asked her dad when it was. It takes her a couple tries to understand why he finds her question so funny. How silly!


2. Nothing better than licking the refrigerator!

In the second place, we have an adorable puppy who likes to lick his refrigerator. While most people have a sweet tooth, this little puppy likes the taste of cold metal…hmm. We don’t know how or when this started but this little guy can’t get stop licking the refrigerator! This adorable clip will have you scratching your head and laughing out loud at the same time!

3. Big V8 mistake!

In third place, we have a toddler who asked his mother for a cup of V8 vegetable juice over the beloved beverage: chocolate milk! What an interesting choice! At first, his mother thought that he might have mistaken it for the chocolate milk, but when he kept asking for the juice, she gave in. This boy gets a taste for V8 and has the funniest reaction to it.

4. Wait your turn, big bro!

In fourth place, we have a little puppy that completely dominates his big brother at meal time. Wow, could this be the definition of an underdog coming out victorious? This tiny little pup has a bigger bark appetite than you would think and is in no mood to share his dinner! His big brother is left with no choice but to wait for his turn.

5. This baby has his very own dog sled team!

In fifth place, we have an adorable interaction between a baby and his very own dog sled team! These dogs are so good at what they do, that they effortlessly take their baby companion for a ride across the slick hardwood floors as they play around. Look out world, this baby has got a bright future in dog sledding!

We at AFV are always looking for fantastic home videos for AFV’s Five Fabulously Funny Videos. Do you have any that could make it into the Friday 5? If so, Upload HERE! We would love to see them!


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