All The Cyber Monday Madness You Can Handle Is Right Here

November 26, 2018

If you’re a deal hunter then you know it’s not just all about Black Friday anymore.  Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday and shoppers go crazy to find the best deals on their holiday gifts.  If you’re ready to laugh, all the Cyber Monday madness you can handle is right here!

It’s all hands on deck when it comes to grabbing everything on your list before it’s too late.  Put your baby to work!

Check out these tiny toddlers pushing loaded shopping carts through the store like it’s totally normal.  They can barely walk, and already, they’re pushing giant flat screen tv’s through the store while their parents shop.  To come out of Black Friday on top it takes everyone’s help, no matter how young you are!

You will laugh so hard when you see this one little boy who has had enough Cyber Monday madness!  He’s literally being dragged through the store by a shopping cart that’s filled to the brim with Christmas gifts and toys.  Poor little dude!  I hope Santa brings him all the toys on his Christmas list this year.  He deserves it!

Sometimes you gotta get creative to survive the crowds.  Like riding up on the OUTSIDE of the escalator to escape the chaos!

Watch this funny teen cruise up the escalator in a very unconventional way.  Instead of standing on the moving stairs like a normal person, he grabs a hold of the moving railing and floats upstairs on the outside of the escalator.  Hope he’s been doing his pull-ups because it’s a long way down to the ground if he loses his grip!  Yikes!

Another way to push through the masses of crazy shoppers is to use your shopping cart as a bulldozer like this hilarious woman did in the video.  She gets a running start, jumps on the cart, and plows through!  Be careful where your cart is headed though.  Ouch!

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