Amateur Meteorologist Catches Lightening Strike Right In Front Of Her

March 2, 2018

There are two types of people: people who love thunderstorms and people who HATE them. You either can’t get enough of the sound of rain, or you want to crawl underneath your bed and wait for it to stop. While I personally am not crazy about storms, I am fascinated by storm chasers. Since I wouldn’t want to be the one out there chasing storms myself, I love watching when other people do. This one terrified woman inadvertently did just that from the comfort of her own!
This freaked out lady was just filming a storm outside when… Oh my god, did LIGHTNING just strike?!

One woman was observing a wild storm from inside her home when the unthinkable happened — her front yard was struck by lightning! That’s something you don’t see every day while you’re drinking your coffee and looking out the window!

The woman started shrieking her head off and I don’t blame her! Did you SEE how scary that was? Her entire yard lit up! I never knew what a lightning bolt looked like from so close up. As scary as it was, it’s also incredibly beautiful. It’s definitely a sight that woman will never forget.
I hope none of her pets were outside! Can you imagine if a lightning bolt struck YOUR yard?!

As terrifying as this experience was for the woman, the good news is that it will never happen again! It’s true that lightning never strikes the same place twice. These bolts are caused by an imbalance in the atmosphere’s electrical charge during storms. Did you know that only about a quarter of lightning bolts is what we see from the ground to the clouds? That’s right — they go on much further than that. Yikes!

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