America’s Cutest Future Rappers Unite in Epic Compilation!

October 24, 2017

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Maybe you’re wondering where mega superstar rappers come from? Well, look no further.  We’ve got them right here. All of America’s Cutest Future Rappers in 1 epic video.

Whether they’re rapping about taking off their winter wear with classic lyrics like, “Take off your hat! Take off your gloves!” or telling Elijah to drop that beat so they can spit out a rhyme on healthy food, this video is not to be missed. If you love rap, we suggest you see this hilarious video of four dads rapping about… well, being dads!
We’d put a bet on you enjoying our future rappers compilation!

Would you want to miss a cameo by a future Drake or Nicki Minaj? Of course not! These pint-size wordsmiths have the rap game on lock! No doubt.They may be accompanied by music or beatboxing or it just might be nothing, but straight up adorable gibberish, whatever they rap to the outcome is seven shades of adorable. Hell, some of the world’s greatest rap artists sometimes rap to fast to be understood. So we’ll forgive our future rap hopes and just enjoy their raw talent. Oh boy, we wish Jay-Z’s or Eminem’s mom made a video of them when they were young…  
So, what are you waiting for? I mean, “hot sauce, it’s better than ketchup and hotter than the sun”! Yep, that’s an actual, awesome lyric.

Take a second and enjoy the full thing yourself.  We’re guessing we’re going to see at least 4 or 5 of these kids on the Billboard charts within the next 15 years!  Which America’s Cutest Future Rapper is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section.

Does your kid have a talent like our future rappers? If so, share it HERE, it would be a shame for the world not to see our youngest amazing talents!


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