Aspiring Plumber Tot Can’t Figure Out How To Reattach Shower Knob

May 21, 2018

If you are looking for a new plumber, search no more. We have the most adorable plumber right here! And he’s cute as a button.

Don’t you just hate it when something brakes in the house, and you have to wait for the service to come and fix it? Sometimes it can take a couple of hours, and sometimes even more. It can be a real problem, especially if you need it fixed right away.

Well, the family in this video doesn’t have that problem. Their shower knob broke, and it needed fixing. Luckily, they have their personal plumber right in the house. Yay!

So, he decided to take a look and see how it can be fixed. But, no luck. LOL! As he entered the bathroom, he saw what the problem was. He came up to the shower and decided to give it a try. And what a hilarious try that was. I love it!

The adorable little plumber tried turning it around and around, but no luck. It’s so hilarious! In one moment, he attached the shower knob, turned it around and the water started running. From the look on this face, I can see he definitely wasn’t expecting that to happen. As soon as the water started running, he threw the shower knob and removed himself from the problem. LOL!

Oh, the look on his face. So precious! His reaction will have you laughing out loud, trust me. I know I can’t stop laughing because of this hilarious video, and his adorable reaction.

But don’t worry little one. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you’ll succeed one of these days! Priceless.

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