Cute Alert: Top 3 Videos of Babies and Kittens

October 9, 2017

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When it comes to cuteness, is there anything cuter than babies playing with kittens? Puppies and adults? Nope. Birds and grandparents? Try again. Babies playing with kittens wins the prize for sweetest playmates and anyone who disagrees might just get a furball in the face. Seriously, there is absolutely no way you can watch these adorable clips and not release a hearty “awwww” or guffaw. Even if you are a dog person, you won’t be able to resist our 3 videos of babies and kittens goofing around. So get ready for your cute alarm to start going off!
These Babies and Kittens Will Set Off Your Cute Alarm!

Brace yourself for our ultimate babies and kittens countdown! And if you a video of your toddler playing with the fluffy fur balls, such as the kitties from our videos, upload it HERE and we’ll share it with the world!
It’s Kitten vs. Baby WWE!

Who will win the wrestling match, adorable baby or cute kitty? And how is the bottle involved? Who is your favorite? We can’t pick! They are both soooo lovable!


This adorable duo is going “head to head”

Calling all kitty cuddlers, this furry friend is giving her baby a head to toe massage. Check out your local spa for this popular new treatment! We bet that no baby would complain to have this kind of daily spa treatment!

The baby is having fun, but the kitten is dead serious

It may be fun and games for the little boy, but this kitty is bringing out her inner savage as she JUMPS into action. *kitty code name: TIGGER. Also, is this cat on steroids? It sure looks like it is, but we cannot know!

Did you enjoy our babies and kittens videos? Crave for more adorable baby videos?

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