Baby Girl Makes Adorable Angry Face On Mom’s Command

May 17, 2018

If you want to be a good kid, you have to listen to your parents. That is the lesson all of us learned when we were young.  Everybody is saying the kids who pout, scream and shout are the ones who misbehave. And that kind of behavior is not acceptable. But what happens when a parent asks his kid to be angry on purpose? No way, you will say. No parent will dare to ask such things! Well, we have a video to prove you wrong.

Funny little baby girl in this video is able to make an angry face on command. All she needs is her mom saying: “Can you do an angry face?”, and she instantly does it. This baby is so good doing an angry face, that it immediately became her specialty. Who would have thought a parent who is willing to say to its child to make an angry face exists? It’s quite obvious the mother in this video forgot she was supposed to teach her kid to pout less. We should save this video and show it to her when the baby becomes a teenager. I wonder if she would laugh then.

And what will happen when this baby starts to speak. I guess her first word will be no. It’s funny to imagine how the baby will react to different things. I can see her making an angry face when she finds out she has broccoli for dinner.

This cute baby can serve as a meme too! I would totally send this video to anyone asking me to wake up early on Sunday. Are you with me on this?

Do you have a funny video of your own? If so, feel free to send us. All you need is to tap on the upload button HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the video below.

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