Baby Boy Sneezes Straight In Daddy’s Face Instead Of Kissing Him

March 21, 2018

Calling all dads out there — is there anything better than spending time with your new baby? I don’t think so! From the second your baby is born, all you want to do is kiss and cuddle it. I know that personally, the first few months of my son’s life were some of the best memories I have. Spending that quality time with your baby is so important. But as all parents know, sometimes things take an unexpected turn! That’s definitely what this daddy found…
All this daddy wanted was to give his new baby kisses, but he wasn’t expecting THIS to happen! Yikes — wipe off your face, dad…

Aww, poor guy! All this dad was trying to do was to show his baby some love. But he was taken aback when his new son didn’t want to give him kisses! I know that I’ve definitely been there. But there was a reason why this baby boy was refusing his dad’s kisses…

Ah-CHOO! That tiny baby sneezed directly in daddy’s face! Gross. Dad was not happy that he ended up with a face full of snot. But trust be dad, it’s a lot better than a face full of spit-up. You really never know what you’re going to get when you’re a new parent.
GROSS! Dad definitely didn’t want a face full of yuck when he got close to his baby! You never know WHAT is going to happen when you have a baby.

This baby is extremely young, you can tell that because he’s still wearing mittens. Babies at this age are so wonderful because they’re not crawling all over the entire house yet! They’re still fairly immobile, which means lots of cuddle time on the couch. I hope this dad enjoys these days…

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