Baby Boy Terrified By Own Face During Selfie With Mom

June 12, 2018

It’s not unusual for me to wake up in the morning, go to brush my teeth, and immediately scream at the horrifying atrocity staring back at me from the mirror. But usually, after a little primping, a good shower, and a wholesome breakfast, the figure in the mirror looks a little less terrifying. After all, we can all become a little unrecognizable after a night of tossing and turning in bed. But this baby boy, apparently, has never even seen his own reflection before, much less what he might look like in a photograph. And don’t even get me started on the unrecognizable monster selfies turn me into. If I’m terrified by my own appearance, I can’t imagine what this poor little boy must’ve been thinking in this video.

This woman didn’t know what was about to happen when she began taking a video of her and her infant son together. She probably thought she was just creating an adorable video that she could look back on fondly when her son was grown up and gone off to college. And, to be fair, this video is still that adorable video she can look back on fondly. However, this video has an added dose of hilarity. Maybe not for the little boy in the moment, but certainly when he watches it when he gets older. To be fair, he probably won’t remember this terrifying moment five minutes from now anyway.

As soon as his mom opened the camera application on her phone and turned it on selfie mode, this little boy was greeted with his own face. Round, chubby cheeked, and adorable, this is, apparently, not what he was expecting to see. After all, he’s pretty used to faces that look more like Mom and Dad. Not to mention the kind of existential dread that comes with being self aware of your own physical body for the first time. I mean, he’s probably not thinking about his own place in this world, but he might be wondering how his eyes got to be so darn big! Of course, the more alarmed he is, the wider his eyes get. And the wider his eyes get, the more alarmed he becomes. It’s a vicious cycle. And adorable cycle, but still, a vicious one.

Paralyzed with terror at his own tiny image on his mom’s phone, the boy’s eyes follow the image wherever it goes. His mouth even drops open a little in shock. I have to wonder if he thought he’d suddenly become trapped in the phone. Like the souls of the ancients, this image capture device has trapped his soul inside, never to be let out. Luckily for him, his soul and his whole body, in fact, is a little too big to fit into the tiny confines of a smart phone. A few gigabytes of adorable baby footage, however, is entirely possible.

How did your baby react to their own reflection? Upload a video of their reaction HERE. And don’t forget to watch this kid react to his own face in the hilarious video below!

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