Baby Farts So Loud It Scares The Dog

February 29, 2016

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There’s nothing funnier than some good old-fashioned bathroom humor! Sometimes these gassy exchanges can take our animal siblings by surprise as well! This unsuspecting pup got quite the rude awakening when the new human addition to the family let out a nasty fart right in front of him! The poor pup chose the wrong spot to take a nap that day! Hopefully, he won’t hold too much of a grudge on the little guy considering he’s just a baby and doesn’t quite have a handle on his bowels yet.
Do you know why an average baby farts so much? No? Well, AFV is here to educate you!

Having a new baby is difficult, and when that baby farts so much that your doggo just can’t take it, then it is time to do something about it. Babies fart for many reasons, the most common one being that they are just super hungry. And when they are super hungry, they eat too fast, swallowing the air. This leads to baby farts… lots and lots of baby farts. Well, farting aside, all babies are cute, even in this kind of situations, although this poor, scared dog from our video might not agree with us!
Babies aren’t the only ones with bad farting habits…

Have you ever seen someone farting so loud that he wakes himself up? Well, now is your chance! CLICK HERE and see a doggo so gassy that he woke himself up from an afternoon nap! He has no clue what’s happening! So hilarious!

Now that we’ve established that both babies and dogs can have small farting incidents, it is time to ask you – do you have a hilarious family video? If you do, share it with us HERE. You might win of our grand cash prize! Why wait? Upload your funny videos now!


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