Baby Girl Battles It Out With Sassy Cat And The Winner Here Is Crystal Clear

June 13, 2018

You know what people say – It takes two to tango! But same goes for picking a fight! And the one in this video is absolutely hilarious! It’s between a toddler and her adorable feline friend, and you’ll have the honor to judge who the winner is. Although, I think it’s really obvious! LOL! I can promise you, this video will make you laugh out loud!

The cat is sitting on a table and she’s enjoying her peace. And we all know that our feline friends love their personal space, and don’t like to be disturbed. And now we have the honor to see what happens when you disturb a cat during her rest.

The adorable baby girl is standing next to her cat, and she is determined to play with her. However, I think we all know what the sassy cat wants at this moment. The cat definitely wants to be left alone, but the little girl doesn’t care about that. She is in the mood to play and will do what she can to get the cat to play with her. She calls for the cat and tries to make her get down. But when the girl sees the cat doesn’t plan on doing anything of the sort, this cute baby girl taunts and pokes at the cat. Oh no! This seems like a huge mistake to me! And I believe I’m right! LOL!

And then, the hilarious battle we’ve all been waiting for. LOL! The cat gets angry and hits the tot girl on the head several times! LOL! And now, you tell me, who’s the guilty party here – a tot girl who only wanted to play, or a sassy cat who just wanted to be alone? It’s a tricky question I know.  And now, it’s time to declare the winner here. What do you think, who is the champion of this hilarious battle? I would say the adorable feline friend. She succeeded in defending her area, and now the little girl will definitely think twice before she comes near her feline friend again. How hilarious! The two are such a sight for sore eyes, and I could watch them all day long. They’re adorable, and their battle is even cuter. LOL!

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