Baby Girl Ignores Mother’s Pleas To Quiet Down

April 6, 2018

You know how difficult it can be to have a baby who just won’t stop screaming? If not, check out our video of a caring mother who is trying to calm her cute baby. It is the middle of the night, and this baby is having a blast! She is extremely happy, and she just won’t stop howling. It’s not that she is hungry or unsatisfied, she just doesn’t want to be alone. But, since it’s the middle of the night, her two older brothers are trying to sleep. This baby screaming party needs to be over, ASAP.
This caring mother has an unusual tactic. She is talking to the baby as if she was an adult, calmly explaining to her that she just needs to go to sleep.

“Listen to me, your brothers are in bed, you have to quit screaming for them now. No more howling for them.” Wow, this mom has such nice, calming voice. The baby is staring at her, absorbing every word. This tactic worked like a magic, but only for a second. After the mother stopped talking, the baby continued with screaming.
Well, this baby is super adorable, so the mom can’t really be mad at her.

This baby is having a solo night party, however, it seems there’s no reason for that! This mom obviously knows how to deal with babies, so we guess she did the evening check. You know:

Full tummy? Check. Clean diaper? Check. Fever-free? Check. So why does she keep on screaming?

Babies usually have their own good reasons. But even the wisest parents can’t read their babies’ mind, and babies don’t have the words to tell them what’s wrong. So, it’s up to parents to figure it out by themselves. Well, this kid is the cutest thing I saw today, so she’s forgiven for her screaming and howling.

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