Baby Goat Keeps Head Butting Himself In The Mirror

February 22, 2019

Okay, if you watch this video without wanting to get a pet baby goat, then you might not have a soul! This is about as cute as baby goats get. Which is saying a lot because baby goats are pretty darn cute to begin with. AFV has posted a number of baby goat videos and pretty much every one of them has made my heart melt. But this clip might just take the cake. Watching animals struggle to understand mirrors is already fun. So when the animal challenges his own reflection to a duel, it’s even better. So get ready to enjoy baby goat keeps head butting himself in the mirror!

He keeps dueling himself. And I think it’s a draw.

For whatever reason, this family has a pet baby goat. Which already makes me jealous. It’s roughly the size of a small dog and awkwardly bounding around the house. But eventually it discovers the mirror near the kitchen. And this goat doesn’t like what it sees. He comes face to face with another baby goat. Competition! He doesn’t wanna have to fight with another goat for food! So he does what any self respecting baby goat would do, he challenges it to a head butting duel. That’s when we see the goat tip his head down and ram into the mirror. It’s not a resounding thud only because the goat is still so young. It’s a baby head butt! Nevertheless, problem solved, he moves on.

That’s not the end. This feud goes on for a few rounds!

As it turns out, after bounding around a little more, this goat returns to the mirror to discover he hasn’t dispensed with his enemy. No problem, he’ll just head butt the other baby goat again. That’ll learn him! These “two” go back and forth a few more times. Something tells me that this baby goat may never actually learn that he’s head butting himself. How would he? His head *is* coming in contact with a hard surface. It just happens to be the mirror and not another goat head.

I’ve rarely seen a cuter video than this one!

What makes this so cute is that the goat is still small. If this were a grown goat, that would be an entirely different dynamic. We’d have shards of broken glass all over the house within thirty seconds. They’ll probably have to send this goat to live in the barn within a few months. Or cover all the mirrors in the house with cloth so he isn’t tempted to break them with his head. But boy oh boy, does this video make me want to live on a farm. I’m the kind of city slicker who sees a real live horse like once a decade. And then AFV reminds me that barn yard animals are all crazy adorable and I should visit the petting zoo with my kids way more often. 

Do you have a video of an atypical pet wreaking havoc on your home? If so, we’d love to see it! Send it HERE!

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