Baby Imitates Horse And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!

August 25, 2016

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What does the horse say? Well just ask this adorable little girl! Her parents wanted to go through her favorite book of animals before tucking her into bed and it turns out to be the best decision ever! This little cutie is definitely an animal lover, but her sweet face really lights up when they get to her new favorite animal, the horse! This baby imitates horse and her performance will leave you chuckling for the rest of the day! We challenge anyone to find a better horse impersonator out there than this talented little tot!
This baby imitates horse with such enthusiasm, she is so adorable!

Babies are natural imitators. Since the earliest age, they try and imitate all sounds around them. However, it’s the parents they imitate the most, which is only natural. By imitation, babies and toddlers are learning new things. As you can see, this baby now knows a lot of things about farms, including the sound of each and every animal there (the horse being the funniest of all). So, if you have a baby, know that imitating sounds is an important mechanism for social learning.
Some babies have the comedic abilities level Jim Carrey! Take a look!

Some of these babies are just naturally born with serious comedic talent! If you thought this little girl’s horse impression was impressive, just wait until you meet the baby master of funny faces! Who knew that babies were so chock full of not only laughter but also laugh inducing talent! These cute kids have got a bright future ahead of them as comedians! Get ready to laugh your day away thanks to these adorable kids!

Have a hilarious video of your kids? Are they the masters of the impression? We want to see it! Share it with us HERE.


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