Baby Laughs When Mom Plays With Him But Cries When Dad Even Tries

June 14, 2018

There’s is possibly nothing quite as precious as a baby’s first laughter! If you’re a parent, you’ll agree that not many things in this world are near as special as a playful giggle of an infant. If you were feeling down, this video of a giggling baby will not fail to cheer you up instantly!

An adorable baby boy is laying on a bed in a bedroom. You can tell that he’s having the time of his life because he’s giggling and chuckling in the most adorable way ever! His mom is making silly faces and noises to him while pretending to fall on the bed over him. That funny little game seems to be the most exciting thing in the world according to this adorable boy!

But wait, there’s a plot twist to this story. Baby boy’s dad switches places with mom and tries to entertain the little boy in the same way she has previously done. Oh, no! The boy stops laughing instantly and even starts crying! Awww… Poor dad! LOL! Baby boy will only laugh at mom’s jokes! I guess the mom is a true prankster in this family!

Dads, I’m sorry to say this, but babies prefer moms! At least when they’re little.

It’s common for a young baby to be most comfortable around mom. Babies know a little of dad’s feelings, they only know that the scent and touch of their mothers’ arms feel right to them. Some babies, of course, are more different than others, but many babies make their preference for mom quite clear. Just like the one in this video. Again. Sorry, dad!

The bond between a nursing mother and her baby is very strong, in both biological and emotional way. Since young babies need to eat very often,  and the moms are ones in charge of that, they do not separate easily from their primary source of food and comfort.

And dads are there just to observe… Poor dads. However, when the baby is a bit older, that will all change. Especially if a baby is a girl. You probably know well enough that the bond between a dad and his little daughter is unbreakable! But for now, this dad will have to patiently wait for his kid to grow up and let him play with her…

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