Baby Makes Mom HOWL When He Gives Her Hilariously Surprising Answer

May 21, 2018

What’s up party people?!? Any of you out there have kiddos? I have a question: what was your baby’s first word? A lot of kiddos say “Uh oh,” while others say “Hi.” My daughter’s first word was “Wow!” Which, I really, really liked. But a lot of other kids say “Mamma” first and it makes since why. They hear it all of the time and it is the person they are most enamored with in the entire world. But then again, what are words anyway? They are garbling and goo-goo’ing all day long for months. Can’t those be words?

In this video, a mamma really wants her baby to her “Mommy.” Or at least, some variation of it. Mom would do. Or mother. Or Mother Dearest. Or Mamma Mia, if he was a big fan of Abba. Any of the above would work. And she isn’t subtle about it either with her repeated requests of “Maaaamaaaa.” She is just begging for it! And we all know what happens when we want something too much. It doesn’t end up working out in our favor. Just like in this clip when the baby FLIPS THE SCRIPT (a term that truthfully, I don’t care for at all. An old assistant manager named “Brian” used to say it a lot at a coffee shop I worked at and he was so pretentious.) and does NOT say what mom was hoping he would. He instead says the opposite. Something cute, but not desired! Something so hilarious, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself!

Do YOU have any hilarious videos of cutie kiddos saying the darndest things? We would very much like to see them! Upload them HERE! But before you go anywhere, be sure to scroll down and watch this hilarious video!

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