Bathtime Bunny Snaps When Owners Push To Breaking Point

April 2, 2018

Who among us doesn’t love a bunny? They’re soft, cute, cuddly, and friendly to boot. Plus, for those who are not fans of noisy and needy pets, rabbits keep to themselves. It’s why magicians use them for the “out of the hat” trick, they can be trusted to stay still and keep quiet throughout. However, not many people know that bunnies have a clear red line. Do not push them, or else they will retaliate.
These rabbit owners give their bunny a bath. They amuse themselves by flicking water on its head.

We start out normally enough, the rabbit’s in the tub, seeming to enjoy his or herself. Accompanied by the sound of restrained, muffled laughter, the rabbit’s owners (who sound like teen girls, but that’s merely speculation) begin drizzling water on the bunny’s cute wiggly button nose.

Bunny keeps it together on the outside, but what’s smoldering inside that hare brain is pure rage. This is one rabbit that has been pushed one too many times, and he or she is not going to take it for even one more minute.
One thing’s for sure: he or she is HOPPIN’ mad!

They keep sprinkling that water on the rabbit’s head, unknowingly grating at his or her patience even further. Just when they least expect it, the rabbit strikes with a vicious hop out of nowhere. The camera is knocked into the water as the bunny sends the message loud and clear: don’t you dare mess with me, fool.

Admittedly, the “fool” there is just us here at AFV hoping against hope that the rabbit’s inner monologue sounds like the voice of Mr. T. Either way, message received: you shouldn’t flick water so haphazardly around them.

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