Wannabe Grillmaster Mercilessly Mocked When BBQ Erupts In Flames

April 5, 2018

Men can be a stubborn bunch. Being one myself, I can safely say it isn’t always easy admitting fault, as much as I try to own up to failure. It just isn’t evolutionarily hard wired into our gender, cavemen didn’t have shortcomings! Speaking of cavemen, it is in their tradition of roasting their kills over a blazing fire that men feel the need to conquer the barbeque. And you just know when all the ladies gather round to see how a man is handling his grill that it’s not going to end well. 
This dude insists he’s got this BBQ session under control. Everyone else isn’t so sure.

“Well, what’s going on?” the man is asked. “Nothin’. Everything’s copacetic,” he replies. Maybe this is just my own personal experience, but whenever anyone insists on the situation being copacetic, they’re just trying to distract you from the fact that it isn’t with a marginally fancy word. You can tell by the giggling response those ladies don’t quite believe it either.

Once he asks them to shut the door, you just know it’s about to take a turn for the worse. That smoking Weber doesn’t bode too well either. Wait till you see what happens when he lifts the lid.

The man runs for cover as his audience just howlswith laughter. He puts the fire out with a splash of water, but the damage is done. He re-enters the premises, his tail firmly tucked between his legs. For his manly reputation, there will be no living this one down.

The ladies here are the real stars. Their celebration and exuberance over capturing this moment is just the purest expression of joy.

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