Beagle Pup Hustles And Hops His Way Up To Barbecue And Snatches Up Burger

June 13, 2018

Every dog owner should know this golden rule: Never leave any food on a counter if you don’t want your dog to snitch it! Honestly, I never had a dog who didn’t look for the way to steal some more food or at least take the opportunity of grabbing an extra bite. I always wondered if this was only my fate to have such foodies for my dogs. But after seeing this video, I feel much better about it! LOL!

This adorable Beagle pup is trying to steal the last burger left on a counter next to the grill. He jumps to snitch it, but it seems that he cannot reach it. So, he does it over and over again until he finally gets it! OMG, what a persistent doggo!

Doggos are so amazing! Especially Beagles. Beagles have been around for quite long – they are known to have existed in England around the time of the Roman empire or even earlier. And because of the fox hunting popularity, this breed has spread across England fairly quickly. The early version of a Beagle was much smaller than a Beagle we know today. These “Pocket Beagles” were truly tiny, only 8 or 9 inches high – they could have been carried in a purse or in a hand. Over time, Pocket Beagles were bred to be hunting dogs, and that’s how the breed grew to be as big as today.

Beagles are very loud dogs. They are infamous for being very vocal with barking and baying. In fact, it is believed the name “Beagle” comes the Middle French “bee gueule,” which literally means “wide throat.” Apparently, it’s not easy being a Beagle’s neighbor. However, they have some great traits, as well. They are energetic and playful but can be independent and stubborn. Some Beagles can be stubborn and tough to train. I mean, check this one out! He is stealing burgers.

Although stubborn, they love being complimented and getting treats but need a firm hand to learn how to act around a household. This little fella is in desperate need of some training, or else, he’ll still all burgers in the house. Not only burgers but all food! LOL! Still, I bet his owner isn’t mad at him! Just look how cute he is! Who could stay mad while looking at this adorable face! Awwww…

Do you have funny Beagle adventures caught on tape? We would love to see that! Upload your videos HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch a funny video below!

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