Beagle Puppy Does Her Best To Keep Owner From Closing Car Window

May 23, 2018

Some dogs love car rides so much that they never want to leave the car, and they definitely do not want you to close the window when they are in the car. Like this absolutely adorable beagle puppy who just wants the window open a little bit longer. She keeps her paws on the window as it rolls up and it looks like she is trying to push the window down as it keeps rising.

While adorable, we know that most dogs really love car rides. A few don’t. We had a black Labrador growing up who hated car rides, but we are pretty certain that it is because we got in a fender bender once on the way to the vets. So, he was always a bit nervous about the car. You can’t really blame him for that. But we did look up some articles to see if there were other reasons that dogs love car rides. Most are unsurprising. They love the smells and many dogs associate card rides with treats or trips to fun places like the park.

There was one theory that actually really surprised us though. A few different articles we found mentioned that to dogs, car rides feel like hunting. According to dog behaviorists, riding in a car is supposed to feel like hunting. Apparently, the forward motion of the car and being surrounded by other cars gives your dog the sensation that they are part of a pack on the hunt. Supposedly, this hunting sensation gives your dogs a sense of euphoria, which is why they are so excited and happy when they are in the car. Fascinating!

Do you have funny videos of dogs that don’t want to leave the car? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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