Birthday Boy Speechless When Brand New Puppy Present Barfs All Over Him

June 12, 2018

When it comes to birthdays, one of my favorite parts is when I get to open all the presents. Of course, I absolutely love having all of my friends over, listening to music and having fun. That’s my absolute favorite part. But opening my birthday presents comes pretty close. You never know what you’re gonna get, and what’s underneath that wrapping paper. So it’s always so exciting to open them. And then, when you unwrap a present and see you’ve received something you’ve wanted for such a long time, then it’s even better. Each present we get is meaningful and special, but if I received the same thing this little one in the video did, I would be over the moon!

This little one is celebrating his birthday, and his parents decided to surprise him with a very special present. I wouldn’t mind if someone surprised me like this. My birthday is in October, so for all of my friends who don’t know what to get me, take this video as a great inspiration. LOL!

He decided to open his present before his friends arrived, and his brother and sister joined him at the table. He put the present on the table, and when he opened it…VOILA! A puppy! Can you imagine that? He received an adorable puppy!!! This is by far the cutest present ever. I love dogs, so please don’t mind my reaction! But if you’re like me, then you’ll love the present just as much as I did.

The little birthday boy was very surprised to get a puppy, and without a doubt, he loved his present. But, there was a hilarious twist. As he was petting the dog, he puked on the box, and on the little birthday boy’s hand. LOL! I guess the adorable little puppy was tumbling a little bit in the birthday box, so when they eventually put him on the table, he had to puke! Ahhhh poor little doggo. Hope he feels better now!

However, even though he puked on the birthday boy, I would still be over the moon to get him as my birthday present! He is so cute, and I don’t think anyone can get mad at him for doing this. It wasn’t his fault after all! The only thing the adorable doggo is guilty of is of how cute he is!

Do you have a hilarious birthday fail we should see? Upload HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below.
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