Black Ice Picks Off Family One By One

April 10, 2018

Anyone who lives in a cold weather state knows all about the dangers of black ice. It’s like The Predator in camouflage mode: you can barely see it, and it could be deadly. (I’d still rather encounter a little black ice than the gosh-darn Predator, but you get my drift). This is why it’s so important not to be too hasty in the winter, because one false step could end in some serious pain. Or, if the pain is only temporary, some serious laughs.
A security cam records a family pulling into their driveway. Their teen daughter immediately takes a nasty spill.

By the looks of things, the Dad was waiting in the car while Mom and Daughter ran inside to get something. Almost instantly, the girl takes a fall, and is shaken up. She calls out for her mom, who goes over to the driveway to investigate and slips herself.

At this point, pops has to step in. He backs up the car to give everyone space, then goes rushing out to help. To the surprise of pretty much no one except him, he suffers the exact same fate.
The family that slips together…

Dad’s fall looked the most cringe-worthy, but besides a little bruising, we can be pretty sure they’re okay. After all, this video was a prizewinner on AFV, so I doubt this family regrets this little comedy of errors. That’s the thing about money: in many cases, it dulls even the harshest pain retroactively.

The lesson here? Well, there are two. First, always tread very, VERY lightly on winter days because something insidious might be lurking below you. And 2, if it does, make sure you have a security camera to capture it!

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