Black Labrador Becomes Sled Dog In Training By Dragging Kid In Kiddie Pool Up Hill

May 3, 2018

Winter is such amazing time of the year! It brings so much fun for everyone, but it seems that no one loves it more than kids and their four-legged furry friends!

A young boy is sliding down the hill on a snowy day. He doesn’t have a sled, nope, all he has is a kiddie pool and uses it as a replacement for the real thing. But, his canine friend, the cutest Black Labrador isn’t thrilled with this fact! It seems that he would rather pull the sled than let his human friends slide without him! LOL! So, when the boy jumps into a sled, the dog pulls it around with his mouth.

The boy tries to make him stop and yells “stop!” but that doesn’t really help, and the boy keeps struggling to stay inside of the sled! They even try to deceive him but throwing another empty sled to a dog, but he’s no full! He just doesn’t want to be kept from the main game! LOL!

This dog is obviously channeling his inner sled dog! When you think of a sled dog, you immediately think of a Husky. However, this Lab decided to try and pull a kiddie pool up the hill, even though he has no experience! LOL!

Labrador Retriever isn’t a sled dog, but still, it’s quite an impressive breed! Labs can run really fast! A Lab can speed up as much as 12 miles an hour in just three seconds. That’s better than my first car. LOL! They are so cool and smart, so they are the most commonly used breed for guide dogs. These dogs are the best for the job thanks to their strong desire to please. Plus, they are strong, easily adaptable, and easily trained. Awww… So this little fella maybe wants the help his human! Oh, now I get it! He is misunderstood, he just wants to assist. So adorable!

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