Bossy Toddler Gets Caught Red Handed Playing With Makeup

September 7, 2018

Every little girl loves playing with makeup, even when she’s not quite old enough to be wearing it!  I remember begging my mom to let me play with her makeup when I was a little girl, and sometimes she would actually agree.  And boy, was I terrible!  I looked more like a clown than a model with blue eyeshadow everywhere, bright pink blush on my cheeks, and red lipstick smeared all over my face.  I thought I looked amazing…until I saw the pictures when I got older.  Let’s just say I wasn’t a naturally talented makeup artist as a toddler.

This cute little tot knows she’s not supposed to be playing with mommy’s makeup, but got into it anyway and set up her own little makeup station in the bathroom. 

Mom comes in quietly from behind with the camera to catch her cute daughter in action, drawing black lines all over her face and smearing shadows all over with her fingers.  

Before mom can even accuse her of making a mess with her makeup, she spins around and denies everything!  She didn’t do anything, and she’s sticking to it!  No way, Jose!  She’s not getting caught red-handed getting into mommy’s makeup when she knows she’s not supposed to.

The funniest part is that this adorable little girl has crazy makeup all over her face.  She hides her makeup tools behind her back and sticks to her strategy:  deny, deny, deny!  When in doubt, just deny.  

Well, it’s true that strategy can work sometimes, but not when you clearly have makeup all over your face and are repeating over and over again that you’re not doing anything.  LOL!

Mom is totally amused over her daughter’s argument and keeps asking what she’s doing to see if maybe she’ll admit to getting into the makeup and painting her face when she’s not supposed to.  Wow, this is going to be a hard battle to win!  

This crazy tot literally has the makeup brushes in her hands and has them hidden behind her back while she repeats over and over again that she’s not doing anything even though she has makeup smeared all over her face.  

I totally get where this girl is coming from!  My favorite thing in the world was to play with makeup when I was her age.  Let’s just say I was a very girly little girl.  Ballet, makeup, Barbies and dress up were my go-to favorite activities.  While other girls were playing soccer or kickball, I was dressing up in tutus and necklaces and dancing around in front of the mirror in my mom’s room.  I had absolutely zero interest in getting dirty or sweaty outside running around like my sister and her friends.  No thanks!  I think it’s safe to say that I would have been besties with this girly little tot, and probably would have been caught with eyeshadow all over my face too in the bathroom.  

Kids are so funny, especially when they get caught doing something they know their parents don’t want them to be doing.  But luckily, washing off a little makeup is no big deal, and mom is laughing behind the camera anyway, so I doubt this sweet tot ended up in too much trouble in the end.  

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