Boy Beats The Heat By Laying In Freezer And Stealing Moms Candy

May 16, 2018

You ever just have ‘one of those days?’ You know, those days when nothing seems to be going right. You try and you try but you just can’t make it work. So instead, you just find a quiet freezer to lay down in and call it an afternoon? Wait, did I just say FREEZER?!? Because unless you are spending your afternoons wandering around the larger than life walk in freezers at your local Costco® location, I have a feel that sentence just caught you by surprise! Just like this HILARIOUS VIDEO did for me!

In this clip, a young boy is much too warm. You see, it’s summer and the heat was aggressively breathing down this young lad’s back. He tried to conceal himself in the shade but to no avail. No avails were had! Try as he might, he ran from bush to overhang to bridge to umbrella but he could not escape that sadistically oppressive heat! Whatever was he to do?!?

Just then, he had a revelation. He thought to himself: “Heeeey…doesn’t my mom keep frozen fun-size candy bars in the freezer?” This solution suited him two-fold. Firstly, he was hungry and had a hankering for a sweet nosh. Secondly, he was still incredibly hot. In a perfect world, he would have gone down to the local 7-11® and got himself one of those frozen Twix ice cream bars, but they always make them so ridiculously overpriced and besides, he doesn’t get paid until next Thursday from his shift down at the docks, so his only solution was to raid his moms stash and come away with a chilly and sweet treat. Did it work? YOU be the judge!

Do YOU have any hilarious videos of kids being all kinds of silly? Upload them HERE! But first, watch the below video!

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