Boy Pranks Baby Brother With Crazy Bendy Straw Magic Trick

April 26, 2018

Magic tricks are an amazing source of fun! It’s fun for the person doing them and fun for those who observe. Of course, everything has boundaries. If the magician crosses them, it can become a little bit scary for the audience. But, I can deny it. It’s always fascinating!

Prepare to have your mind blown by this little boy’s magic trick! As the video begins, we see a little boy running up to his dad screaming about how his brother has a straw stuck in his mouth. OMG, that sounds like a real emergency! Dad follows him to find the other boy! As soon as he comes down, he realizes what’s going on. The boy was actually pulling a prank on his siblings! He placed a small piece of a straw in his mouth and another longer piece under his chin, making it look like the straw was stuck in his mouth. Clever boy! He has totally blown his siblings’ mind with that trick!

And I have to admit it’s a cool trick. I might use it these days. LOL! Magic tricks really are awesome. Even though we all know how most of these tricks work, we still laugh. And we are still amazed when we see them.

But, boys will be boys, and brothers will be brothers. It’s only natural they will prank each other. It’s all a part of growing up! In a few years, the adorable baby brother will be wiser and will know better not to fall for his big brother’s tricks. By then, he will come up with new magic tricks! What an adorable family!

I would just love to see their reaction to this hilarious video when they grow up! How funny would that be? LOL!

Do you have any magic trick you would love to share? We would love to see! Upload HERE!

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