Brother-Sister Arm Wrestling Match Ends With Unsportsmanlike Groin Punch

May 4, 2018

There are some that don’t handle defeat very well. Sports are all fun and games until someone throws a tantrum because they lost. One of the lessons you have to learn early in life is how to handle losing gracefully. Apparently, this little girl hasn’t learned that lesson yet. She took her arm wrestling defeat a little too hard.

This little girl and little boy are competing to find out who will get to take the first shower. Their competition of choice? An arm wrestling match! Personally, I think such a contest is a little biased towards the older and larger big brother. Nevertheless, the two kids are okay to go through with it. They take position next to the television and Dad, their impromptu referee, directs them to look at the TV to focus up. Then, Dad says:

“Ready… Set… GO!”

The two begin arm wrestling and within seconds, the competition is over. The little boy flattens his sister’s arm against the TV stand. She grabs his arm with her other hand in attempt to regain control, but the ref is quick to interfere with that illegal behavior. Older bro is the winner! She tries to wrestle him further to prove that she can win, but Dad is insistent. Fair is fair.

The little boy pumps his fists in victory before walking towards the bathroom. But his sister has other plans. Without a second thought, she socks her brother right in the groin and he goes down like a sack of potatoes. As he doubles over in pain, his sister runs to claim the bathroom for herself. Sure, it’s a dirty trick, but you’ve got to admire her moxie. The video ends with a click of the bathroom door shutting. Sure, big bro won the arm wrestling contest, but I think we all know who REALLY won here.

Have you ever competed in an arm wrestling match? Upload a video of yours HERE.

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