Bulldog Gets Taken For WILD Ride When He Climbs On Hoverboard

May 24, 2018

This dog is CRAZY about his families new hoverboard! And boy oh boy can it go! Look at him get spun round and round. Hold on little buddy! It’s going to move ya!

My first pet was not an animal that I had really any choice in bringing into my life. My parents had her prior to my birth. Her name was Sammy (short for Samantha) and she was an incredibly mean old cat. She seemed old when I was born. Which, was around the age of 7. But she would get older and she would get meaner by the time she died at age 18. A lot of her sadness came from the fact that her best friend Cindy (another family cat) was struck by a car and Sammy sadly had to watch her die. It was tragic. She carried that hurt and pain with her for the ensuing nearly two decades of her life. Cindy laid expiring for days on end and Sammy stayed by her side, only returning home once the final breath had left her body. Coupled with this sadness was her anger from the birth of my older sister. Sammy was my parents only baby and now with a little girl in the picture soaking up their time and attention, there was no time left for Sammy. Well, there was. But not quite as much as there once was.

That is why Sammy liked me. Because two years later when I was born, I took attention away from my sister. And Sammy appreciated me doing that. She felt slighted by the birth of my sister and the birth of me let her know that there was truly balance in the household and she wasn’t merely being rejected because of who she was, but just the ongoing balance of life. Sammy died when I was 12 years old. I can’t really remember how. But I bet it was old age. Overlapping this time we had a range of Guinea pigs named Mookie, Lisa, Lucy (a name that my daughter now shares) and Spot. When adopted Lisa and unbeknownst to us, she came to us pregnant with two babies, the aforementioned Lucy and Spot. We had no desire for three Guinea Pigs so we donated them to be put up for adoption. Actually, we only ended up donating Spot, an amorous young piglet. We kept Lucy because she broke her leg and birth and the shelter we gave them to (ok, it wasn’t really a shelter so much as a pet store in White Center) said they would probably just have to put her down. So we kept her and her mother together. Up next came the dogs and the birds. But that is a tale for another day.

If you have any funny videos of dogs doggin it up? We wanna see it! Upload them HERE! But first, watch this video! It’s funny! REALLY funny!

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