Bulldog Gets Upset Over Eaten Candies

October 11, 2016

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This adorable bulldog gets upset after hearing some very disappointing news. We bet you will absolutely sympathize with this poor fellow after watching the video below!

But, let us introduce you to the story a bit. It’s the time of Halloween festivities, and everybody should be cheerful and happy, especially if the trick-or-treating went abundantly well! That goes for this cute puppy, too. We can totally imagine him having an incredible costume that really cheered up the neighbors when he went door to door. We are sure that the neighbors were generous and gave him so many treats! He must have barely waited for tomorrow to enjoy all the goodies he got the night before. But, his mommy, unfortunately, didn’t think so!
Mommy Breaks Some Bad News and The Bulldog Gets Upset Big Time

There is probably nothing more horrifying than being left empty-handed after the Halloween night, particularly when you worked hard and gave your best for trick-or-treating!
And instead of getting the well-earned reward, you receive the worst news of the day – mommy ate all of your candy! OMG!

Just when he thought that there are a lot of delicious candies and yummy sweets waiting to be eaten in peace and at leisure, he got hit by this devastating fact. There is nothing left for him! Oh, what a tragedy. No wonder this cutie got so upset and disappointed. Poor soul! Just look at him! We can only hope that mommy didn’t mean that for real.


Have you ever tried pulling something like this on your best furry friend? How did he take it? Share it with us HERE. We would love to see it!

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