Bulldog Tries To Ride Horse Ten Times Its Size By Grabbing Reins With Teeth

June 14, 2018

This little bulldog thought he could tame a horse – or at the very least take it for a ride through the town. Can you imagine how cute that would have been, seeing a little dog atop a massive horse, the wind in both their ears as they galloped and barked around the city? Unfortunately, we will not be seeing that video today – but we do have the beginnings of that on display here. The bulldog has the horse’s reigns in its teeth and it is not going to let go until it either leads the horse off or it gets a ride.

So do dogs and horses usually get along in real life? It really boils down to the dog, to the horse, and to how temperamental each one is. Some dogs like nipping at bigger animals heels – and if a horse kicks back, the dog is going to know it and quick. And some horses are just scared of dogs period, and might go after one if it enters their paddock. So is it possible to foster a good relationship between the two? Both types of animals have good reputations for forming buddy-styled relationships with other species – but it all comes down to the individual dog and horse. Because some dogs have been bred to herd, they will nip at the heel so you will need to watch and train them extra hard. You will also find trouble making pals with a dog that has a history of aggression. If your dog is always chasing joggers or hunting other animals, that could prove a problem too if the dog’s predatory instincts are released.

It is also true of horses that they can be problematic too. For example, if a horse is scared of a dog there is not much that you can do to change that because those behaviors are ingrained. So having recognized the pitfalls, what are the next steps? Gradual introductions are the way to go in a calm and controlled environment. The dog in this video got very lucky that the horse did not have any issues with it pulling its reign or the dog could have wound up with some cracked ribs at the very least! You should let the animals see each other first from a distance with the dog being on a leash and the horse in its paddock or pasture. Use this approach for a few minutes over a couple of days. Once this is achieved, you can let the dog walk closer to the horse (on a leash, of course). You will know it is a match when both animals can be in the same space and not bother each other – some will be oblivious to the other, some will touch noses. Good luck getting them to play but remember to take your time and do not rush it.

What funny things have you seen animals do? Upload videos of them HERE! And don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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