Carb Obsessed Baby Hugs Entire Loaf Of Bread And Refuses To Let Go

June 12, 2018

If you think you have a serious case of food cravings, think again! The kid in this video has a special relationship with bread! Yes, with a simple loaf of bread! LOL!

This clip tells a story of a little girl named Olivia who is the world’s biggest fan of bread! It might seem crazy, but it’s true! While kids usually love candies, chocolate or ice cream, this kid can’t get enough bread! She is crawling around a room with a least a dozen pieces of bread in her arms. LOL! This is a picture you don’t get to see every day! She’s crawling around eating a piece of bread and holding onto as much bread as she can carry. LOL! And she’s not even willing to share any of the bread she’s stocked up on! Her dog comes asking for a piece, but ends up walking away empty handed! So hilarious!

Her mom is laughing, asking, “where did you find that?” But the kid doesn’t reply, she only smiles. LOL! You won’t believe how cute this kid is and how much she loves bread! Amazing!

There’s nothing harmful about this! Bread is very healthy for kids. However, this kid shouldn’t eat the whole loaf! Despite many parents believing that white bread is nutritionally poor, white bread contains fiber, calcium, iron and folic acid – all essential parts of a child’s diet. In fact, white bread is one of the main sources of fiber in the diets of kids, accounting for one-fifth of a child’s daily intake. The rest comes from grains, cereals, fruit, and vegetables. Also, studies have shown that eating white bread could account for 10% of a child’s recommended calcium intake.

So, bread is good! But be sure never to eat too much of it! It’s tasty and requires little preparation, so it is no wonder it has become a huge part of a daily diet. However, it also has a bad rep due to the effects on health and in particular weight gain that eating bread may have. Humans have been eating bread for hundreds of years, and it sure will continue long in the future!

This little girl is my inspiration! How cute is she! And smart! She wanted to get her hands on the loaf of bread, and she did it! I am impressed!

Does your kid have a special relationship with food? We’d love to see that! Upload your funny videos HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch a funny video below!

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