Check Out The 4 Funniest VR Freak Outs Ever

October 5, 2018

Virtual reality games are so fun and so insanely real that it’s hard not to freak out!  Check out the 4 funniest VR freak outs ever and you will be laughing so hard, it will hurt!

1.  Never Sit In A Rolling Office Chair When Playing VR!

Virtual reality games literally take you into a whole new realm and it’s so easy to forget that you’re actually sitting in your living room.  Your sense of space and time is totally warped as you’re carried into another universe full of mythical creatures.  The sights and sounds are so real that it’s almost impossible to not believe that what you see isn’t really there.  

The second best thing to playing a VR game is watching someone else play one.  These two dudes are totally chillin’ in the den playing with their VR goggles.  The guy on the couch is fully entertained by his friend who’s freaking out wearing VR goggles.  Little did he know what was about to happen next!

Out of nowhere, the funny guy in the office rolling chair starts screaming at the top of his lungs!  His body starts convulsing like he’s being electrocuted and he totally loses his mind.  He freaks out so hard that the rolling chair shoots out from under him and he crashes hard on the floor!  Oh man!  I bet his buddy is so happy that he caught this fail on camera!


2.  Mom Totally Wipes Out In Living Room Wearing VR Goggles

VR isn’t just for the kids anymore!  It looks like this mom has found a virtual reality game she’s totally into.  Her daughter sees her blindly waving her arms around in the living room and decides to record the funny sight.  She asks her what game she’s playing, but she’s way too into it to respond.  It’s so funny when parents get busted playing their kid’s games!

Mom is twisting and turning in her VR goggles when all of the sudden she trips and falls hard!  With no reflexes to catch her fall, she crashes down on the floor and hits her head hard.  The family doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry…and neither does she!

3.  Funny Tot Girl Freaks Out And Bangs Her Head Hard!

It’s so crazy how real virtual reality games seem!  This adorable little girl is wearing VR goggles and playing a game where she’s trying to reach a cake.  The cake, however, is at the end of a long skinny beam hanging off the top of a skyscraper!  To get the cake, she has to walk on the beam miles above the ground without falling down.  Who wouldn’t be freaked out?!

You don’t need to be scared of heights to freak out over this game!  She starts screaming, loses her balance, and bangs her head hard into the computer screen.  Poor girl!

4.  Funny Grandma Completely Loses Her Mind Playing VR Game!

I doubt this funny grandma has ever played a regular modern video game, let alone wear VR goggles!  Her reactions to the virtual world she’s exploring are absolutely hysterical!

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