Check Out The Funniest Sports Fails Of The Week

October 17, 2018

If you are a sports fan, you will laugh hard when you watch these failed moments caught on tape.  Check out the funniest sports fails of the week right here for a good laugh!

Epic Water Rafting Fail

The best part of summer is heading to the lake for water sports fun!  There’s nothing better than getting out on a boat on a hot summer’s day.  Whether you like water skiing, water rafting or jet skiing, there are endless options.  Check out this funny video of a water rafting adventure gone wrong!  As the boat races across the lake at top speed, there’s a guy riding a raft that’s attached to the back.  He flies over the waves smoothly as his friend records him behind the camera. 

This boat is really moving!  Everything seems to be going great until the raft gets a little too much air off a wave.  The raft floats up in the air like a UFO and bam!  Flips over and ejects the rider straight into the water.  Good thing he was wearing a life vest!  His friends laugh hysterically as they watch their buddy eat it hard on the lake.  


Rowdy Kid Misses The Ball In Baseball Blunder

It may look easy, but nailing a baseball with the bat is really hard.  It takes lots of practice and dedication to be able to hit a home run and knock it out of the park.  This funny boy is really passionate about his sport!  Setting the ball on the tee, he gives it his all and swings hard.  He hits the ball the first time right into the net.  He swings a second time and hits the ball but it trickles down to the ground in a disappointing fail. 

Usually, the third time is the charm, but not in this case!  He sets up the ball for his third swing.  Winding up, he swings and misses, then swings back the other way and misses again!  His reverse swing sends him spiraling down to the ground and bam!  He hits his head on the tee.  Poor little fella!

Novice Paraglider Gets Carried Away By Wind Gust

Don’t underestimate the power of the wind when you’re harnessed in and strapped to a giant parachute!  Take it from this funny kid, you need to be ready to fly once you have that parachute strapped to your back.  This boy totally wasn’t ready for the wind to kick up and scoop him off the ground.  Like a parachute toy solder, he gets swept up into the air and carried off by the wind.  His dad is yelling commands to him from the ground, but the control is basically out of this kid’s hands.  Luckily, he doesn’t get carried too far before he’s able to land safely!

Wannabe Karate Kid Can’t Chop The Blocks

This little dude is confident and ready to perform his karate moves for the camera!  He shows off his strength as he crushes branches for his mom who’s recording.  When it’s time to rock the karate chop though, he can’t hack it!

Funny Soccer Practice Fail

What a blooper!  This little athlete kicks the ball hard into the net at practice.  His first few kicks are awesome! Then he kicks again and the ball ricochets off the net.  The ball totally nails him in the face.  Ouch!

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