Check Out These 5 Funniest Babies Making Silly Faces

September 14, 2018

Babies are so adorable and can make the funniest faces for the camera when they’re acting silly!  Whether they’re sad, mad, laughing hysterically, or frustrated, babies make the craziest faces that can entertain their parents for hours.  Check out these 5 funniest babies making silly faces that we’ve found this summer!

1.  Fish Face Baby

There’s nothing cuter than a baby who can squish his face together and make fish lips to entertain his family.  This kid has been watching too much Finding Nemo if you ask me!  Making a good fish face is a pretty advanced thing to do, and this little guy is nailing it by sucking in his cheeks and fattening up his lips just like a little fish swimming through the ocean.  I bet I know what his mom will be dressing him up as for Halloween!


2.  Grumpy Old Man Face

It’s so funny how babies can make themselves look like grandmas and grandpas by swishing up their cute little faces, making big wrinkles like an older person.  

This adorable baby boy’s dad just loves the old man faces he makes and encourages him to keep going from behind the camera, telling him how beautiful his wrinkly little face is.  

One warning from dad that I think we’ve all heard before:  “What if your face gets stuck that way?!”

3.  Adventure Seeking Little Man

If you’re a parent, then you know that every little baby loves riding in a swing.  This adorable little boy is no exception.  

His shirt says it all:  “Mommy’s Little Man.”  LOL!

Dad is behind the camera and ready to send his little man flying high into the air on his awesome swing.  This little boy seems ready to go…

Until he’s in flight.  All of the sudden, this sweet baby boy’s cheeks turn bright red and his face goes from excited to scared.  After a couple bounces, the poor little baby looks like he might not be feeling too good.  Uh, oh, I think we see the early signs of motion sickness creeping up here!  His parents better be careful on their next road trip or their little guy might not be feeling so hot!

4.  Mean Girls Face

For as beautiful as this adorable baby girl is, she sure does know how to make a mean face!  Watch out Regina George, there’s a new star of Mean Girls and she isn’t afraid to glare hard!  Yikes, I wouldn’t want to be enemies with this tiny tot on the playground.  She is fearless and isn’t going to let anyone steal her toys during playtime.

5.  Mad Baby Face

When this sweet baby girl is mad, boy will you know it!  She squints up her eyes, purses her lips, waves her hands around, and turns bright red when she’s mad.  I can only imagine what her temper tantrums will be like when she’s a toddler…Yikes!  Mom thinks her mad face is adorable now, but I’m not so sure she will think it’s that sweet once this cute little girl can walk and talk!

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