Chillaxin Cat Takes A Rollercoaster Ride In A Box

September 7, 2018

Everyone knows that cats can certainly be lazy.  They’re willing to put up with a lot from their human owners when it comes to interrupting their chill out time.  When they’re curled up and in relax mode, it’s nearly impossible to shake them out of it.

Even when they’re curled up like a pretzel in a tiny box that they squeeze their furry little bodies into. 

This cat was curled up and ready to snooze…until her owner came along!  

This crazy feline has NO idea what her human mom is about to do!  Little does she know that instead of snoozing away in her favorite box, she’s about to go on a wild ride across the living room floor!  Wow, this cute kitty is going to think twice before snoozing it up in a box ever again!

With one giant push from mom, the cat is off, swiftly gliding across the living room floor in her box-turned-rollercoaster.  Even after that fast dash across the carpet, this cat is totally unphased and seems to care less that she’s being pushed around the house like a hockey puck.  Mom’s not done!  She crawls into the middle of the floor, and BAM!  Another huge shove sends the cat flying even further across the room in her box like a kid on a sled in the winter.  

The look on this precious cat’s face is priceless!  Even if you’re not a cat person, the look on this furball’s face will definitely melt your heart!  She looks up at the camera with the sweetest eyes showing absolutely no signs of annoyance or irritation.  Even though mom is sending her flying across the living room floor when all she wanted to do was snooze in a box, this adorable kitty just stares into the camera with the cutest face ever.

Well, since mom is getting exactly zero reaction from her cat by pushing her hard all over the living room, she decides to move on to a new tactic in hopes of annoying her cat who just wants to chill and snooze. 

Mom decides that perhaps spinning her cat around and around in circles might spark some sort of reaction?  Spinning the box and the cat in circles like a spinning top, mom is sure this time her cat will react in some way to the fast motion that would make any human instantly puke.  The cat starts to slightly hang her head off the edge of the box but doesn’t really seem too upset that mom is aggressively spinning her in circles.  

I can’t believe this sweet kitty hasn’t jumped out of the box by now and called it quits!  Clearly, she doesn’t get car sick, or she wouldn’t be feeling too hot right now after being spun around and around in her box.  One more glance in the camera from the precious kitty, and she’s still just down to put up with whatever crazy thing mom wants to do with her.  

Are you really sure cats aren’t actually man’s best friend?

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