Claws Come Out When Cat And Dog Duke It Out With Living Room Wrestling Match

May 15, 2018

Having a feline and a canine friend in the house can sometimes get out of hand. Just like it happened in this video.

This family is lucky enough to have, not only one pet, but two! And both of them are beyond adorable. Imagine how much fun they have in the house! Because with these two around, it’s a party 24/7. How do I know that? Well, take a look at this amazing video and you’ll see for yourself.

In this particular situation, the two adorable friends were chilling on the floor, minding their own business. But then, one of them decided it would be fun to have a wrestling match. And believe me when I say, it’s the cutest wrestling match ever!

I don’t need to know who started the entire thing, because it is so hilarious! This video will have you smiling all day long! And it will probably convince you to get another furry little friend, because this is something everyone wants in their home. LOL!

So, the two of them were wrestling, and having so much fun! Both of them are tough opponents, but they’re not trying to actually wrestle. All they want is to play, and they’re so adorable while doing so.

Did you know the first organized national wrestling tournament was hosted in New York? It was in 1888! Wow! That was a long time ago! And it’s still widely popular. These two are a great proof of that. Hilarious! Everyone loves watching wrestling matches, but you probably didn’t know our furry friends love them as well. Just take a look at these two! They’re so precious!

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