Clever Kitten Has An Unusual Way Of Transport

May 6, 2016

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This clever kitten has discovered a better way to travel. Why walk anywhere when you can have your very own doggy chauffeur? This kitten used her brain instead of her brawn to figure out the perfect way to get around the house. Her solution? Catch a piggyback ride on the back of the family dog of course! This ingenious kitty realized that though she may be small in size, her grip strength was more than enough to hold tight to her new canine companion/driver. This clever kitten very well may be an animal genius for coming up with this new mode of transportation, but the poor pup looks a little confused as to what is happening. He obviously knows that there is something clinging onto his back, but unfortunately, he isn’t quite flexible enough to see just who it is.
This clever kitten hitches a ride on a dog for quite some time before the dog figures out what’s been going on.

Perhaps the dog would be much more open to the idea if they were to work out a contract and payment method. This kitten could end up being the first kitty entrepreneur and the creator of the first ever animal taxi service! Just imagine the possibilities for future animal transportation! Maybe CEO Kitty can expand her business and include human car services as well. After all, cats aren’t the only ones who could use a lift every once in a while and a dog can only take you so far!
Do you know some other alternative ways of transport? We sure do!

If you think this clever kitten is the only one smart enough to hitch a free ride, you couldn’t be more wrong. CLICK HERE and check out the video of a little boy and his doggo chauffeur. Yup, a dog rides a car! Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

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